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About Us


I am Emma, the founder of Paddock Apparel, thank you for popping by and learning a little more about me and my brand.

Founded in 2020, Paddock Apparel was born from a lifetime of love for horses, the countryside and especially my home county of Cornwall. Having ridden all my life, horses were most certainly my first love. I was fortunate enough to be able ride my first pony regularly across one of my favourite beaches Caerhayes. I regularly competed during my teenage years but from a young age breeding was clearly my main passion. I was fortunate to gain a wealth of experience working in competition and production yards and some wonderful studs, whilst creating a small band of homebreds and some notable success with them as youngsters.

After a few years I went on to complete a degree and masters where I specialised in rider fitness and the bodyweight relationship between horse and rider. During this time I realised (after a few broken bones and operations, both me and the horses) that I loved breeding horses but I did not love selling them again! (Vital flaw and most of them still live at home with me) and that I wanted to be able to enjoy my horses without any pressure. Sadly there were limited job opportunities for graduates in my field and I was very fortunate to find a passion for events and pursued a career away from horses.

I have been privileged enough to enjoy a career spanning a decade in the events industry, working for some incredible clients and producing some amazing events. Claim to fame having an event featured by Hello magazine and working on Don't Tell The Bride, as well as meeting welcoming some incredible celebrities, royalty and artists. 

For the majority of my career I have been very lucky to work for the most inspirational education charity that is at the forefront of environmental change and sustainability. I have been very fortunate to listen to some amazing speakers on this topic and one phrase that has really stuck with me is 'profit for purpose' and this is something I certainly want to be able to include in Paddock Apparel (more on that another time).

My life has changed somewhat over the last decade, welcoming two beautiful daughters and their Shetland pony (transformation to Pony Club mum incoming!) and the events industry has most certainly changed especially in 2020 due to COVID and in reality none of us know what the future holds for the event industry. 

In March 2020 I found myself with spending most of my life poo picking and generally enjoying our farm, often questioning what would I do without events in my life. Then one evening poo picking 'The Paddocks' listening to nothing but two horses munching on grass, I came up with the idea of Paddock Apparel. I knew instantly the time was now and I instantly started researching and creating. 

From the outset I knew my core brand values had to focus on plastic pollution, sustainability and ethics. I have been fortunate to experience some wonderful things in my life and the thought that my children or future generations may not be able to experience that scares me and I want to do what I can, however small to try and stop that from happening. I am by no way positioning myself as an expert or perfect but I am trying to make a difference and I am most certainly open to learning more. Through partnerships and collaborations I believe we can help educate others so in turn they can make better choices for themselves and the planet.

In July 2020 I officially launched and I am blown away by the support and love I have received on my journey so far! I am so grateful.

Please do get in touch if you would like to say Hi, learn more or have a question or idea!

Thank you so much for reading this, sorry for waffling!

Love Emma x