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Meet the Eco Equestrian Ambassadors

In 2020, alongside Climate Week three eco-friendly equestrian brands, Paddock Apparel, See Change Now & FTP Equestrian collaborated to create Eco Equestrian Ambassadors.

Together we have selected six equestrians that share our views and beliefs that we together we can make a difference to our planet's future. Collaboratively we want to raise awareness of sustainability issues which we are presented with and share helpful tips to lead a more environmentally friendly life both #inthepaddock and #beyondthepaddock

Without further ado meet the team:

Issy Carlill - @ZigZagEventing

Issy Carlil Eco Equestrian - Paddock Apparel

My name is Issy and I’m a 23 year old student in my final year studying sustainable development and social anthropology at Edinburgh University. I’m very lucky to own two incredible horses called Dillon and Ben who I compete at BE100. Both are Irish sports horses and are the absolute centre of my universe! After a slightly disrupted 2020 season (I’m sure many can relate!) my goals for 2021 are to compete at the new Area festivals, and hopefully qualify for Badminton Grassroots!

 My eco tip: You can download the app ‘Horizon – Reduce plastic waste’ from the app store. It gives you local recycling information and you can also track your plastic waste!


Grace McHugh - @Grace.Equinee

Hi I am Grace and I am a 17year old animal lover. I am currently studying for my A-levels, with a particular interest in equine law and hope to pursue my dream of working alongside animals, perhaps in the world of law. I am yet to own my own horse however I have been lucky enough to ride and grow a bond with a lovely mare, who is my bestest pal. My fur babies are all rescues, including a three legged cat, two hamsters and and Tilley the pup. 

My eco tip: reusable face pads and cloths, they are so effective when removing makeup and you only need to use water!


 Megan Burridge - @meg.burridge10

Meg Burridge Eco Equestrian - Paddock ApparelHello, my name is Megan and I’m a 23 year old paediatric nurse from Cornwall. I have a horse called Cracker, whom I have owned since he was 5 months old, he’s 7 now! We have done everything together - I handled, started and backed him myself and last year our progress reached its high when we were offered a sponsorship by Little Margate Equestrian. We hope to get back out competing in all disciplines next year, and maybe try our hand at one day eventing - something I have always wanted to do since Cracker was small.


My eco tip: would be do your research - make sure you know what you’re buying and where it’s from, think ‘is this sustainable?’. It might sound simple but it can change your mindset and encourage you to think of the bigger picture. 
Nicky Sutcliffe - @nickyshs

Nicky Sutcliffe Eco Equestrian Ambassador - Paddock ApparelHi I am Nicky and I run Sport Horse Select, a livery yard in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside. Alongside this I show jump a fabulous grey giant, called Cornelius at around the 1.30 level. We hope to go up a level to Gold League in 2021

My eco tip: is buy to buy good quality items that will last a lifetime time instead of lesser quality pieces that wear out, need replacing and end up in landfill. 

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Alice Lamming - @darkhorse_eventing 

Alice Lamming Eco Equestrian AmbassadorI'm Alice and in my 30's, I work full time in PR and Marketing and run a competition yard with my mum in Cornwall. I describe myself as an amateur event rider who's progressed up the levels over the last 4 years. I grew up around horses with my mum eventing and my dad a vet but it wasn't until I returned from University and bought my first horse Blue that I wanted to compete. I now train and compete on a weekly basis in and around the Cornwall show circuit and travel further afield for British Eventing events.
Growing up, my dad was quite stringent on making sure we used things until the end and not just buying a replacement, we'd always reuse items around the yard so I think it was installed in me to not be wasteful. But, it wasn't until I've reached my thirties, that I actually started to consider my carbon footprint especially around the equine world. I've found its quite simple to make small changes that can have an impact and I'm looking forward to working with the Eco Equestrian team to progress this further. 
My ethos is to provide engaging and honest content and to support others.